Saturday, April 6, 2013

About Me

I  bred, trained and exhibited Chesapeake Bay retrievers in hunt tests, obedience trials, and conformation shows for over thirty-four years, and have been teaching others to train their pets and competition dogs for over twenty years. I have learned a lot over that time, and hope to share some of that learning via this blog, and of course also hope to learn stuff from y'all out there in Cyberville. I have incorporated some of shat I have learned in my first little manual, Puppy Primer - What You Should Know Before You Buy a Dog. Check out my website at for more information on the manual, and on me and what I do.

Feel free to share comments re: content, be they positive or negative (I have a really thick skin after all those years of showing a breed with a bad rep!). Don't be shy about posting what you really think, you will find that I often tend to be ummm, straightforward myself. You also need to know that I am a true Luddite, and extremely cyber-challanged, therefore I definitely welcome technical suggestions to improve my blog. This is my first one, be kind.

Here are some pics of the dogs I have owned and bred over the years:

The first three generations of my breeding, all shown and titled: Back left is Thunder, he started it all and was sent to me by a breeder friend in Colorado. Back right is his daughter Storm, my foundation bitch. In front of them  are Storm's daughters from her first breeding, Autumn left and and Sara right..

Windy's water entry; she is Autumn's daughter

Cirrus, Windy's son, pheasant hunting

That's all for now, and again, comments welcome.

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